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What will I learn in the Cert III Individual Support course?

How long is the Cert III Individual Support course?

How many face to face days a week are there?

How many hours of work placement do I have to do?

What hours are the work placement?

Do I need to have any immunisations for the workplace?

Do I have to do work at home?

Can I complete the course before the end date?

Are there any special entry requirements?

How do I pay for the course?

Do you send me the text book?

Is there Government funding?

Do you find work for me at the end of the course?

What do I need to be able to do during the practical placements?

Do I wear a uniform?

What is a USI?

I haven’t studied for a long time - is the theory hard?

I am not very good with computers - do I need much experience?

What subjects are covered?

What if I miss a workshop or class day - do I have to make it up?

Can I pick what electives I do?

What assessment methods do you use?