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Administer and Monitor Medication Skill Set

The Administer and Monitor Medication Skill Set is an accredited program for people who hold a current qualification in Aged Care and/or Home and Community Care.


CHCSS00067 – Administer and Monitor Medications Skill Set

There are two (2) Units of Competency which must be completed to achieve competency in this Medication Skill Set

  1. HLTAAP001 Recognise healthy body systems
  2. HLTHPS007 Administer and monitor medication

These units of competency are compiled in to the following topics:

Body Systems

  • Body Planes and Sections
  • Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Digestive Systems
  • Urinary System, Endocrine System; Reproductive Systems
  • Musculo-Skeletal, Immune and Lymphatic System
  • Integumentary System; Nervous System
  • Vision, Hearing; Equilibrium
  • Touch, Smell, Taste
  • Vital Signs – TPR; BP; Observations; Neurological, UA; BGL
  • Maintaining a Healthy Body System


  • Scope of Practice, The Legalities of Medication,
  • Policies and Procedures, Medication Basics,
  • Side Effects vs Adverse Drug Reactions
  • Medication Errors and Incidences; Terms and Abbreviations
  • Routes of Medication, Common Forms of Medication, Combination Medicines
  • Storage and Disposal of Medication
  • Infection Control Basics, Hand Hygiene – 5 Moments of Hand Hygiene
  • Administering Medication, Refusal of Medication
  • Medication Labels and Drug Calculations

Who Should Attend:

  • Care Service Employees
  • Personal Care Assistants
  • AINs

Course participants must be currently working within the Aged Care Industry.

Why You Would Attend:

  • Opportunity for you to advance in your industry
  • Enhance your career path
  • Enhance your value to the facility you work at
  • Improve your job satisfaction
  • Meet your facility’s accreditation standards
  • Keep up-to-date
  • Enhance your skills for client care

For more information, course investment, and payment plan options please phone one of our friendly team members on: 1300 790 460