Payment Plans FAQs

Payment Plans FAQs

Think you can't afford to study? You may not know there are various payment options open to you! We offer upfront payments or our most popular option - payment plans.

Back to Basics is proud to support anyone trying to further their education, that’s why we’ve been a leader in Construction & Building Courses for over 20 years. Please see below some frequently asked questions our students have and how to get started.

What payment options are available?

We offer upfront payments and we also provide the option of an interest free payment plan through Debit Success. A payment plan helps you manage your finances whilst studying, this helps you focus on your course and minimise any financial stress. The payment plan option is available to all of our students and for all of our courses.

For more information about Debit Success, click here.

What are the repayments like? And how long do I have to pay?

Debit Success offers a flexible approach to recurring bank account and credit card payments as well as an ‘any day, any frequency’ approach. The payment plan must be completed within the duration of your chosen course before your certificate or diploma is issued.


I am interested in RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning), can I utilise payment plans?

Yes! However the payment plan must be paid in full before you receive your qualification.

Am I eligible for a payment plan?

As it is a direct debit arrangement and not a credit facility, there are no credit checks involved in starting a payment plan.

Are there any fees & deposits?

Our deposits start at $179.00 depending on your chosen course. Get in contact with our Student Support team to find out the deposit amount for your course.

Regarding fees, Debit Success charges a rate of 4.0% (excluding GST) applicable to the collection and management of your direct debit or credit card payments. There is an initial set up fee of $12.00 that will be collected in the first installment. For any defaults in the payment plan, there will be a $14.95 dishonour fee charged to your account. For any further queries regarding fees, contact Debit Success here.

How are the payment plans managed?

Once you have started a payment plan, the best way to enquire about your account is to contact Debit Success directly. You will get all the information you need in your on-boarding pack, this will include:

  • How to change frequency or payment type
  • How to take an immediate payment over the phone
  • How to suspend payments (according to your guidelines)
  • How to update contact details and billing information

How do I get started?

Once you have enrolled into your course with our Student Support team, we will send you a link to a digital form via email that you can complete. Once completed we get a notification of success and send you the first module of your course.

Get in touch with our friendly Student Support team to get you started in your course and payment plan today!