Builders Licences in Queensland - Back To Basics
Builders Licences in Queensland - What you need to know!

Builders Licences in Queensland - What you need to know!

Back to Basics explain Licence Classes and the Application Process in this straightforward guide.

Obtaining a Builders Licence in Queensland

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission, or QBCC for short, manages and regulates the process you have to go through to obtain your builders licence. Each territory and state in Australia has different requirements and processes in place that you must follow, so it’s important that you plan to work in Queensland with your new builders licence.

If you don’t and you get your builders licence for Queensland, you’ll have to go through an entirely different process in order for the specific state or territory to recognise your builders licence as valid.

There are also several different builders licence courses you can choose from, and this is the first step in the licensing process.

Defining Who Needs a Builders Licence in Queensland

In Queensland, any company or individual who plans to supervise building work, carry out the building work, or undertake to carry out any building work that has a total value of $3,300 or more must have a builders licence. This price includes any materials needed and labour costs.

Any licensees who strictly contract with sub-contractors instead of the public or builders are not required to have a builders licence. But, the QBCC requires any person who does building work within the scope of the class range listed below to hold a valid builders licence. These include:

  • Building Design Low Rise, Medium Rise or Open
  • Chemical Termite Management
  • Completed Residential Building Inspector
  • Fire Protection
  • Gasfitting
  • Hydraulic Services Valued over $1,100
  • Plumbing and Drainage
  • Site Classifier

Step One: Choose the Proper Licensing Class

As we mentioned, there are a few different builders licence courses or construction courses that you can take. They fall under three broad categories, and each one has a different site supervisor licence as well. The three categories and their site supervisor licence include:

1. Builder Low Rise

2. Builder Medium Rise

3. Builder Open

  • Site Supervisor Licence Queensland – Open

Finally, there is also a restricted builders licence for the bathroom, laundry and kitchen.

1. Builder Licence Restricted to Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen

Step Two: Start the Application Process

Once you settle on a builders licence type, you’ll move on to the application process. There are four main areas that the application will focus on, and you want to pay special attention to these areas and fill them out as thoroughly as you can. They include:

  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • References
  • Financial Information

There are also other administrative processes that you’ll have to go through. The application itself will walk you through these processes step-by-step. You’ll have to complete the Builders Licence Application Form, Building and Design Experience Form, and the Referee Report.

1. Experience

Each builders licence listed has slightly different qualifications that you have to meet in order to be considered eligible for obtaining it. However, the work experience that you need for all of these different courses are roughly the same.

You’ll need between two to four years of supervisory and practical experience prior to applying for your licence. The exact number of years you need for your experience depends on your qualifications as well as the location where you carried out your relevant building work.

You want to bring proof of this experience with you, and it should clearly show onsite supervision and coordination of any trade contractors that were present, as well as that you worked on different areas of the building project. You can find a complete experience qualification requirement list here

2. Qualifications

For your qualifications, you’ll have to have written references that prove that you have all of the technical qualifications you need to be eligible for a builders licence course. These qualifications can include things like skills recognition, an apprenticeship, or any formal qualification documents that you possess.

If you don’t have the minimum qualifications or the written proof of said qualifications, you can go through a Recognition of Prior Learning assessment or sign up for construction training or a construction course. For the Recognition of Prior Learning assessment, you’ll have to go through a Registered Training Organisation, and they’ll be the ones to administer the assessments to give you the equivalent qualifications you need.

These qualifications include one of the following:

3. References

You’ll also need a minimum of three written references when you apply for your builders licence. These references must cover any supervisory experience that you have previously had, and you submit them on the Referee Report.

It is important to note that you want your references to have a valid builders licence themselves and it should either be at the level of or a higher level certification than the one you are currently putting an application in for.

4. Financial Information

The final section that you want to concentrate on is your financial information. You have to prove that you meet the minimum financial requirements for your specific licence. Currently, the financial information includes:

  • Maximum Revenue
  • Net Tangible Assets
  • Current Ratio
  • Debt Payment
  • Financial Monitoring
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

The reason why you need all of these items and why you have to meet the minimum financial requirements is because the QBCC wants to promote stable and viable businesses for the Queensland building industry.

5. Required Miscellaneous Information

There are a few miscellaneous pieces of information that you’ll need when you apply for your licence. They include proof of identity, like a certified copy of your passport or driver’s licence, a current Record of Registration from the ASIC for anyone planning on contracting under a trading name, and a proof of business partnership for anyone contracting under a partnership.

Step Three: Submit Your Application and Documentation

Once you submit your application, you must wait six to eight weeks for the QBCC to process it. They will check over your application, your qualifications and your references. When they approve you, they’ll send you a letter that details the work that the licence entitles you to do as well as your specific licence number.


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