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The Western Australian Builders Licence Explained

The Western Australian Builders Licence Explained

The best guide to getting your Builders Licence in Western Australia

Obtaining a Builders Licence in Western Australia

The Western Australia Building Commission is the entity that regulates the process of obtaining your Builders Licence. Once you obtain this licence, you’ll also be able to call yourself a Licensed Building Contractor. This title allows you to contract directly with your customers for various building work projects.

The process you’ll have to go through to get your Builders Licence varies from state to state and territory to territory, so this post will outline the steps you have to take to get your Builders Licence in Western Australia.

Why You Need a Builders Licence

In Western Australia, there are a few reasons why you need a Builders Licence. The first reason is that having your Builders Licence allows you to work on projects valued at $20,000 and up. The second reason why you need your Builders Licence is to ensure that you comply with any rules and regulations set by the Western Australia Building Commission. It also helps you ensure that your project located inside the Building Service Board’s jurisdiction.

Decide Which Type of Builders Licence You Need

The first step to obtaining your Builders Licence is to decide which type of Licence you’ll need to be able to legally complete your jobs and projects. There are two main types available:

  1. Licensed Building Practitioner: This registration is for individuals. Anyone holding this type of Licence can be nominated supervisor for a registered building contractor. When you have this licence, you can also use the title of “Registered Building Practitioner.” You’re not allowed to provide building services directly to another person with this licence.
  2. Licensed Building ContractorThis registration is for companies, partnerships, and individuals who intend to perform trades as builders. Once you get this licence, you or the business is able to provide services for the builder you contract or work for.

Begin the Application Process

When you decide whether you want the Licensed Building Practitioner or the License Building Contractor, you can move on to the application process. This is tricky because there are five types you can apply for, and they all have different requirements and paperwork.

However, you want to pick the one that aligns as close as possible with your experience and qualifications. Start by choosing your set, fill it out, and submit it with fees and supporting documentation. The Building Commission staff will review every application, and the Building Services Board will consider them on an individual basis.

Set One: Building Practitioner Initial Application Form

The requirements for Set One are as follows:

Set Two: Building Practitioner Initial Application Form

The requirements for Set One are as follows:

  • You have five years of full time experience supervising building construction.
  • You have an Architects Act of 2004 registration, or you’re a current member of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, Institution of Engineers Australia or the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

Set Three: Building Practitioner Initial Application Form

The requirements for Set Three are as follows:

  • You have five years of full time experience in supervising, carrying out or managing building construction.
  • You have a membership with the Australian Institute of Building.

Set Four: Building Practitioner Initial Application Form

The requirements for Set Four are as follows:

Set Five: Building Practitioner Initial Application Form

The requirements for Set Five are as follows:

  • You have to have enough experience to gain the skills and knowledge equivalent to someone who has a CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction.
  • You have seven years of full-time experience carrying out building work outside of the Board’s jurisdiction area.

Experience and Qualification Documentation

No matter which class you apply for, you’ll have to have your qualifications and experience properly documented and on hand. You submit this documentation with your application before the Board will review it.

You must document any experience you have on the templates on the back of your registration form. You can choose from two different templates. However, you must be able to have a relevant, credible, and independent person sign and verify any experience you claim.

If they can’t, you can’t claim this experience on your application. You are also allowed to attach a statement of verification for your experience instead of using the templates.

For qualifications, you must have a Diploma of Building and Construction or equivalent skills and experience. These units include:

  • CPCCBC4005A – Produce labour and material schedules for ordering.
  • CPCCBC4018A – Apply site surveys and set-out procedures to building and construction projects.
  • CPCCBC5005A – Select and manage building and construction contractors.
  • CPCCBC5007A – Administer the legal obligations of a building construction contract.
  • CPCSUS5001A – Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability.
  • CPCCBC4014A – Prepare simple building sketches and drawings.
  • CPCCOHS1001A – Work safety in the construction industry.

You can earn this experience by undertaking a construction course from an accredited training company such as an RTO like Back to Basics.

Additionally, there is some miscellaneous information that you’ll have to provide with your application. You’ll need proof of your identity, and this includes things like a driver’s licence or passport. If it’s a business partnership, you’ll have to provide proof of the business partnership for each person who plans to contract under the partnership.

Submit the Application

Once you have all of the relevant information, documentation, and the completed application, you can submit it to the Western Australia Building Commission. The staff will review your application and approve it or request additional information. When they approve it, they’ll send you paperwork with your unique licence number as well as what it entitles you to do.


If you want to get your Builders Licence in Western Australia, your CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) or your CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building), contact us at Back to Basics. Our specialised RTO has everything you need to complete your Builders Licence requirements and courses.