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Online Learning and You

Online Learning and You

Online Construction Courses are not only easier, but they are financially better for you! Read on to find out how...

Whether you are looking to advance your career, or change from the industry you are currently in, a new qualification can help you take that next big step. For the busy construction professional, it can be difficult to fit study in with a full-time workload. An online delivered qualification, however, can help to maintain a work-life balance. With time being a premium, studying online is becoming an increasingly popular option for professionals.

Studying in a conventional classroom requires attending classes that are generally scheduled throughout the working day, with a selection of classes available in the evening. For professionals, these classes can cause disruptions to the working day, or impact the delicate work-life balance.

By opting to study online, busy professionals can obtain an accredited qualification with many additional benefits that a conventionally delivered course can’t provide.

A flexible approach

Adjusting your life to a school’s timetable can be difficult. Daytime classes can take time from our regular work day. This can impact our workload as we may need to get jobs completed in a shorter time-frame, causing additional stress. Rushing our work can also lead to additional errors being made, putting our jobs at risk. Evening classes on the other hand can impact other commitments outside of our working lives, putting severe strain on our delicate work-life balance. With an online delivered course, you get to set your own hours, as well as the pace.

Although an online course can be completed at your own pace, it will have a maximum completion date. These dates are always set to a realistic level however and can be easily achieved with commitment to your own schedule. By setting a routine that works around your life, busy professionals will be able to achieve their goal with minimal impact on their lifestyle.

More time in your day?

An often-unnoticed factor in our day is the time we spend on the road. For conventional learning methods, there is always the added time factor whether you choose to drive or take public transport to your classes. By opting to complete a course online, the classroom can be wherever you choose it to be. If you drive to work, reducing your travel requirements means less kilometres on the road and less fuel being used. Taking public transport? You’ll be spending less money on public transport fees every week.

While reducing the wear and tear on your car can be a bonus, as well as saving money on transport, the real advantage here is the time you will save. Being in a classroom scenario can add around an hour to your day in travelling time. This hour, which may not seem like much, can be used daily to help complete your qualification much quicker.

Earn while you learn

With students being able to complete their course outside of working hours, they can continue to earn while they are learning. This takes away any potential financial strain that can come from taking a few hours per week to study, or time being taken from annual leave. By reducing these sources of stress you’ll have a positive mindset, giving you a higher chance of completing your course successfully.

Additionally, if you are working within the same industry as you are studying your learnings can be applied directly to your work. By applying what has been learned from the coursework in a practical environment, there is a better chance of retaining that knowledge. This means that not only are you working towards your qualification, your work can become easier as you gain a better understanding of the industry you are in and its practices.

Keeping the thoughts flowing

Being in a classroom environment means learning within a group of twenty or more people. While this may not seem like a distraction to the learning process, the reality can be quite the opposite. Disturbances within a traditional learning environment are fairly common and can interrupt the thought process or cause you to miss vital information.

The most common interruption within a classroom comes from when a classmate asks the lecturer a question while they are explaining something. While this may help the individual gain a better understanding of the subject matter, it can take time out of the lesson leading to information having to be glossed over to stay on schedule.

In addition to classes being interrupted with questions, other people chatting can be a huge distraction. Whether they are discussing the classwork, or what they did on the weekend, hearing other people chat can cause students to lose focus.

Being within your own learning environment takes these distractions away, allowing you to learn uninterrupted. While some of us thrive in a silent classroom, others think and learn better with music. Regardless of your learning requirements, by enrolling in an online program you can obtain a qualification in an environment with minimal interruptions to the learning process.

A Zen environment

Distractions in the learning environment aren’t always from other people. Comfort levels can play a huge part in helping to complete a qualification, as being uncomfortable can be a significant distraction. If the classroom is too cold, you’ll think about getting a jumper. Are the chairs that awkward to sit on? You’ll lose focus trying to relax into a comfortable position you can work in. While they may seem insignificant, small distractions such as these can lead to you missing key bits of information in your classes.

Comfort levels aren’t just about getting to sit in your own home. Scheduling breaks can also be beneficial to your learning process. In a classroom environment, a quick bathroom break can mean you aren’t there when a key component is explained. And for those of us that can’t think on an empty stomach, grabbing a snack when you’re hungry will help you get back on track.

In choosing an online learning model, it’s easy to set the temperature, lighting and the overall feel to create the ideal learning environment. With a reduced amount of time on the road and a distraction free environment, self-paced learning makes an ideal solution for the busy construction professional.


Training at your own pace, in your own environment is not only beneficial to your learning, but it is also beneficial to your mindset and back pocket!

At Back to Basics we solidly believe that everyone learns in their own way and as such all of our construction courses are 100% online and self paced, with us there supporting you the entire way.

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