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Care Team and Trainers

Health Care Administration

Meet the Back to Basics Care Administration Team: Judy Baker, Susan Stephens and Annette Buller

Susan Stephens
Managing Director

Susan Stephens of Back to Basics CareSusan is the driving force behind Back to Basics Care. She has recognised the necessity to provide quality learning and development opportunities to the nursing fraternity. It is her passion to take the stigma of poor, ineffective training out of the industry and replace it with current, informative, comprehensive and professional presentations.

Her commitment and tenacity ensures the program you choose is delivered by experienced qualified presenters who have the same passion to improve the care provided to clients and residents. Back to Basics’ presenters want to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Susan founded and actively manages Back to Basics Business Training, providing specialised building and construction management courses in Australia. The fact that the business was founded and is actively managed by a female is quite extraordinary in this industry. This is a testament to her energy and commitment to constant improvement.

Susan has also developed and assisted many fledging training organisations to become Registered Training Organisations in their own right, many for the first time, and many to gain re-accreditation.

Rest assured that at Back to Basics Care you are in good hands.

Annette Buller
Training Manager

Annette Buller of Back to Basics CareA training college is dependent upon its trainers as much as the courses it offers. This is why we are so lucky to have Annette on our team. Her experience and dedication continuously raises the quality of Back to Basics Care’s training.

Annette has been a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience in both the Acute and Private Sector. She has also worked as a Clinical Nurse Educator developing and co-ordinating education and competency programs for nurses.

Annette has managed the Transitional Aged Care Program within HNE LHD. In this role she was the clinical resource person to nurses in the area of aged care and enablement.

Annette has presented and contributed to numerous programs including:

  • Falls Injury Prevention
  • Enablement
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention
  • Pain Management

Having Annette involved with your journey towards accreditation or skill attainment in health care is a recipe for your success.

Nicole Dawson

Nicole is a Registered Nurse with over twenty-four years of experience. Nicole has an extensive career in the aged care arena, spanning over fifteen years. She manages her own wound consultancy and was a key contributor to continuous improvement programs within aged care facilities. She also held a position within executive management in aged care.

Nicole worked as part of the Aged Services Emergency Team in Hunter Health, and as a RN in a busy Emergency Department.

Nicole has developed course content for aged care qualifications in line with national standards. Currently she works as a Trainer and Assessor within the Vocational Education system, providing training to nurses and care workers.

Judy Baker
Senior Administrator

Judy Baker of Back to Basics CareJudy’s skills and experience are invaluable to Back to Basics Care. Her support and organisational skills ensures the Back to Basics Care Team, Trainers, and Administration perform efficiently, and the training systems all run smoothly. She will provide you with professional and friendly customer service any time you call, and we love her because she is a genuine, helpful and caring person.

Please forgive us bragging, but Judy has many years of experience as a Senior Administrator and Personal Assistant to leading executives that include:

  • Executive Assistant to Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Sydney
  • Executive Assistant to Vice President, Alcatel-Lucent
  • Personal Assistant to National Manager Branch Banking, St George Bank.

We’re sure you’ll come to adore Judy just as much as we do.

Training Assistant

Olive at Back to Basics CareApart from bearing the name of Popeye’s love interest, Olive resides full time in the Training Centre of Back to Basics Care.

Olive will help you to perfect activities that you will perform within a health care setting. She is happy to play ‘patient’ with no complaints at our fully equipped training centre. The Back to Basics Care training facility is set up to simulate a health care environment. This includes a bathroom with a range of mobility aids, treatment room, and a bedroom a hydraulic bed, electronic bed, and even a patient lifter. Olive is so dedicated to helping students excel in this environment that she has even dressed as a male to cover the role of male clients.

While we’re not ones to gossip – there is talk that Olive has taken a romantic interest in Reg, another full time resident at Back to Basics Care.

Training Assistant

Reg of Back to Basics CareReg, while being the perfect specimen of the human body, is the man of the hour when it comes to studying ‘Body Systems’.

He resides full-time within the Back to Basics Care training centre – along with Olive – and is committed to improving your understanding of the body’s structure and functions.

The Body Systems module, which Reg is involved with, is extensive in its coverage. The topics include the many body systems such as Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Urinary, Endocrine, Reproductive, Musculo-Skeletal, Lymphatic, Integumentary, and Nervous. There is even a full section on common health problems in older people and ways to maintain a healthy body.

Not being one to ‘air dirty laundry’ – not that Reg ever has any – he has remained silent on the subject of his and Olive’s relationship. But being human, one can’t help but speculate…