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The Art of Logrolling Your Client

April 21, 2016 0 Comments

Logrolling is a technique used in Health Care to turn a person whose body must be kept in a straight alignment at all times. Perhaps the person has a spinal injury, and turning them in one movement is vital to avoid any twisting.

Logrolling requires two people. If the person you need to roll is large, three people is recommended.

Here are the steps to effectively and safely logroll your client:

  1. Wash your hands. Always approach a client with clean hands.
  2. Identify you client or facility resident (by checking the identification band).
  3. If you are able, explain the procedure to your client. Use simple terms and highlight the benefits of the technique. Use adjectives like ‘easy’ and ‘safe’ to further ease your client’s mind.
  4. Provide privacy for your client.
  5. Position the bed as needed: it should be in the flat position and at a comfortable working height.
  6. Lower the side rail on the side of the body where you are working.
  7. Position yourself with your feet apart and your knees flexed close to the side of the bed.
  8. Fold your client’s arms across their chest.
  9. Place your arms under your client so that a major portion of your client’s weight is centred between your arms.
  10. The arm of one health care worker should support the client’s head and neck.
  11. On the count of three, move the client to the side of the bed. Do this by rocking backward on your heels while keeping your client’s body in correct alignment.
  12. Raise the side rail on that side of the bed.
  13. Move to the other side of the bed.
  14. Place a pillow under your client’s head and another between their legs. 
  15. Position your client’s near arm toward you.
  16. Grasp the far side of your client’s body with your hands evenly distributed from the shoulder to the thigh.
  17. On the count of three, roll your client to a lateral position, rocking backward onto your heels.
  18. Place pillows in front of and behind your client’s trunk to support their alignment in the lateral position.
  19. Check your client is comfortable.
  20. Ensure the call bell and any necessary personal items are within their reach.
  21. Double check that bed side rails are up and secured.
  22. Report and record as appropriate.

Logrolling Process

Tell your client about the Logrolling process

Remember to communicate with both your client and your work colleague during the procedure.

It might seems like an exhaustive list – but once you’ve performed the maneuver a few times, it will flow easily and effortlessly. You’ll find logrolling a safe technique for you and an effectively way to maintain straight body alignment for your client.

I did approach Reg to be our model for images of the procedure, but he declined on the basis that he is highly ticklish…

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