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Changing the Position of a Client or Resident

March 10, 2016 0 Comments

In the next few articles you’ll discover the different aspects to changing the position of a client or resident in your care. These include the reasons for changing their position, the different positions, and techniques for the turning your client.

Reg was kind enough to ‘model’ the positions for you… and being the perfect specimen of a man who is comfortable with his ‘body’, how could we find a better subject?

First let’s look at the reasons you would need to change the position of a client. It may be to:

  • create comfort
  • enhance relaxation
  • relieve pressure and help to avoid pressure injuries
  • stimulate circulation
  • give treatments – including physical therapy, washing or rubbing their back
  • change the bed
  • restore body functions – including gastrointestinal and respiratory function
  • allow greater lung expansion
  • relieve pressure on the diaphragm
  • maintain proper body alignment
  • prevent deformities

Your client’s physician may specify how often to turn your client, and you could put a schedule together for turning them throughout their “awake’ hours. Record the position change each time to ensure that all positions are used.

When changing the position of a client or resident there are 4 positions that your client should generally be rotated through. Of course, this all depends upon your client’s unique condition or any injuries. Indeed certain conditions may make it impossible to turn the client, eg. turning may be harmful to clients with spinal injuries.

But if you have the green light for turning your client, the positions include:

  1. Prone Position
  2. Supine Position
  3. Left Sim’s Position, and
  4. Right Sim’s Position

Positions for Rotation

You’ll find more details on each position and the safest procedures for turning your client to those positions in upcoming articles.

Reg did have one stipulation with regards to being our subject for this article, and that was to include his Pre-bed Position…

Reg Rotation


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