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Behaviour Management

During the Behaviour Management workshop you will understand why behaviours are a form of communication. Challenging behaviour can be distressing not only to the person affected but also to carers, family and friends, residential care staff and other residents. Understanding why someone is behaving in a particular way may help carers cope.

You will learn the importance of and ways for Managing Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD).

On this CPD Program you will discover:

  • Identify and objectively describe behaviours of concern in people living with dementia
  • Identify concerning behaviour demonstrated related to delirium
  • Behaviour management using a case management approach
  • Identify factors/triggers contributing to BPSD
  • Understand the key components to effective behaviour management
  • Understand the guiding principles for the use of pharmacological strategies to manage behaviours of concern

Length of course: 6 hours

CPD Points: 6 points

“Participants were actively engaged during the whole program.” Student Feedback