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Clinical Judgement – When and What to Report

The Baseline Observations Program centres focuses on how to take them and report your findings confidently.

Good judgement is at the heart of care delivery. Understanding why observations are taken and recorded and how to interpret them is essential to quality patient care. Learn how to deliver information via the ISBAR acronym which provides a simple but effective way of prioritising information when communicating about a patient / client

On the Baseline Observations CPD Program you will discover:

  • What is so special about baseline observations
  • Why take vital signs and when to take them
  • What are abnormal results telling you
  • When to report and what to say – ISBAR

Length of Course: 4 hours

CPD Points: 4 points

“I’ve been to several BTBC seminars – very good, practical information and shared and understood easily. Well done! Thanks.” Student Feedback