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Dementia, Delirium and Depression

Dementia, delirium and depression are serious conditions that are all too common in older people. They may present in similar ways, but there are differences in the treatment and support approaches used for each. It is vital that health care professionals can identify the signs and symptoms associated with all three conditions so that appropriate support, treatment and management can be given.

On this CPD Program you will discover:

  • An overview of the 3 Ds- Dementia , Delirium and Depression
  • Signs and symptoms of dementia, delirium and depression
  • Recognising the differences
  • Plan of care that promotes the clients functional ability
  • Challenging behaviours in clients with dementia
  • Person Centred Care

Length of Course: 6 hours

CPD Points: 6 points

“I thoroughly enjoyed this session and I learnt a lot. I would recommend the course and look forward to the next one.” Student Feedback