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Person Centred Approach

Quality Aged Care delivery focuses on the Person Centred Approach.

Developing care delivery strategies are based on Person Centred Care (PPC). Person Centred Care is treating clients as they want to be treated. The delivery of dementia care is no exception, and in essence, Person Centred Care is pivotal in quality care delivery for people with dementia.

Older people have a biography, the history of their life. Life has made them who they are as a person. Values and beliefs are based on life experience, culture and ethnicity. As individuals, older people are their own experts. As such, older people need to be given the respect to participate in planning their care.

Inclusion in planning and decision making processes recognises that the older person’s contribution is valued.

On the Person Centred Approach CPD Program you will discover:

  • Person Centred Approach to service delivery (the client at the centre of care direction, inclusion, empowerment, dignity)
  • Families and carers are part of the care team
  • Duty of Care and Code of Conduct (respect, mannerisms, approach to care)
  • Working with others in a harmonious work environment (respect, employee rights and responsibilities)

Length of course: 4 hours

CPD Points: 4 points

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