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Stress Management for Nurses

Stress Management for Nurses is about encouraging Nurses to look after themselves.

A national survey for Lifeline Australia found that people who work in health and community service sectors are the most stressed out in the country. The stress response is uniquely experienced and perceived – one person’s stress is another person’s stimulus!  And vice versa. There is no single solution, but there are a number of ways to reduce and manage stress.

On this CPD Program you will discover:

  • Why are Nurses so stressed?
  • Physical symptoms of stress
  • Reducing and managing stress
  • It is OK to seek help when stressed
  • Remember feeling stressed does not equal not coping

Length of course: 6 hours

CPD Points: 6 points

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it broadened my knowledge greatly, especially helping with my studies of being a student RN.”Student Feedback