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Cycling Without Age

December 19, 2016 0 Comments

What a marvelous concept! An initiative to help older people get back into cycling was recently launched in Canberra… it is the first Australian Chapter of Cycling without Age.

And in writing this article I remember a time when Reg used to dink me on his pushbike and all of the fun we had!

Cycle Without Age Movement in Australia

Increasing quality of life with movement

Cycling Without Age started in Copenhagen, Denmark back in 2012. A young Danish man, Ole Kassow, wanted to encourage the elderly to get back on their bicycles. Considering their limited mobility and possible reluctance to straddle a bike at their age, he began offering free trishaw bike rides to local nursing home residents. (What a considerate young man!)

The project was a huge success and now the movement has spread across 28 countries, with 1,000 trishaws and 6,000 pilots (people who ‘pedal’ the bikes) helping the elderly to be active on the bikes – getting out and about, taking pleasure in their surroundings, building relationships, and breathing in the fresh air.

Two trishaw bikes were built for the Cycling Without Age kick off in Australia and it was supported by a community grant from the IRT Foundation.

“IRT Foundation is thrilled to support Pedal Power ACT and Cycling Without Age to bring this active ageing movement to Australia,” said Toby Dawson, IRT Foundation Manager.

“Cycling Without Age enables older people to feel the wind in their hair again, while providing an enriching experience for both the pilot and passengers through slow cycling, storytelling and friendship.”

In addition, Mr. Dawson expressed that Pedal Power ACT will mobilise its 7,000 members and students from the nearby University of Canberra to recruit and train trishaw bike pilots. The bikes will be stationed at the at IRT Kangara Waters seniors’ Lifestyle and Care Community, where regular rides for the elderly will be offered.

The movement also hopes to secure enough funds to build a third trishaw bike at Kangara Waters so it can expand to Sydney and Melbourne.

“IRT Foundation is supporting the movement to expand into Australia because it’s aligned with our mission to create age-friendly communities,” Mr Dawson continues.

As the need for aged care grows, movements like Cycle Without Age support aged care workers ultimate goal of helping older Australians to enjoy a better quality of life and improve their health. Cycle Without Age also helps people participate more in social and physical activities, and have better access to community facilities and amenities.

Oh! I see Reg has just dragged his bike out of the backshed! Now that’s something you don’t see everyday… a skeleton on a bike…

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