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Importance of a Person Centred Approach

April 14, 2016 0 Comments

A Person Centred Approach revolves around treating clients as they want to be treated. Every person has a basic human right to being treated fairly and with respect. They deserve to be recognised as an individual who is valued regardless of their history, illness, environment or circumstances.

Creating a Person Centred Team

Client’s Families are also Part of Your Caring Team

A person does not become less important or separate to society just because they have taken up residence in a nursing home, are suffering the symptoms of a debilitating disease, or have developed a condition that challenges their neurological or physiological systems.

A carer using a Person Centred Approach performs their duties with empathy and compassion. They treat people with the same respect they would like others to treat them with. They respect their client’s privacy and have zero tolerance for any form of abuse.

They also encourage their client to remain as independent as their situation allows. They involve their clients in decisions around their care, giving the client more opportunities for engagement in the process of that care. This leads to motivation, a sense of “I matter”, and demonstrates to the client that their ideas and feedback are valued.

Person Centred Approach Caring allows people in care to share their opinions, express their needs and wants, and communicate honestly without fear of retribution or derision. People differ greatly according to their needs, medical condition, values, gender, culture, religious beliefs, goals, experience, and history – and treating them as an individual allows a carer to adjust and cater for these differences, as well as offer quality care appropriate to the client’s needs.

If you work within a care facility that you believe could embrace a Person Centred Approach more fully, you can proactively create the right environment by:

  • being a good role model and treat all people with respect – clients, their families, other staff members, administration, and other service providers who visit your facility
  • assertively standing up to disrespectful behaviour (don’t use aggression)
  • continually striving to improve the care you offer
  • sharing your mindset of a Person Centred Approach with other staff

Having a Person Centred Approach ‘climate’ in your health care facility will have a huge impact. Clients will feel better about themselves, have more faith in their care, and have more faith in you – which will create closer relationships and therefore more desirable behaviours. Sometimes people just need to be shown that they matter.

While we see all of our courses as invaluable to Health Care Workers, the Person Centred Approach program offered through Back to Basics Care is not just about obtaining skills, it is about installing a mindset that will enrich your life and those you look after.

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About the Author:

Susan Stephens is the Managing Director and driving force behind Back to Basics Care. She is dedicated to providing quality learning and development opportunities to the Health Care Industry, and bringing you current and useful information applicable to the sector.

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