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Mobile Games for People with Dementia

December 12, 2016 0 Comments

Well, haven’t games for people with Dementia advanced since I had the time to sit down and play a good old board game or enjoy a night of bingo! Thanks to technology, we now have access to hundreds of mobile games that help people exercise their cognitive ability with just a touch of their fingers.

Below are some mobile games perfect for people with dementia.

Sea Hero Quest

This is a game that directs an old sailor around desert islands and icy oceans to save his lost memory. To play the game, one must memorise maps, navigate mazes, and chase creatures. Perfect for challenging a player’s orientation. The player’s sense of direction and navigational ability is anonymously recorded.

Studies show that playing Sea Hero Quest for 2 minutes generates the same about of data as that of a 5 hour laboratory research! (I know which I’d rather be doing!) Because of this, Sea Hero Quest is also now being used for early detection of dementia, as well as a method for tracking the impact of the treatment given to the patient.


MindMate is a mobile app that has been designed to help and entertain the player. It has a game section that focuses on attention, speed, memory, and problem solving that allows healthcare workers to know more about their patients. It is also helpful for the patient as the games are engaging and interactive enough to stimulate brain activities.


Lumosity is an app that offers a set of cognitive and scientific games designed to help improve memory and cognitive activities. It is created to strengthen the player’s ability to pay attention on valuable things, such as identifying the right things that will help them solve a problem. In the same way, it also allows the players to learn to ignore the things that don’t help in solving the task at hand.

Fit Brains Trainer

This game helps the player to enhance memory, improve focus and brain speed. It gives you access to more than 360 brain enhancing games and puzzles. The app is designed to become more difficult as you get better so that you always have a challenge. This is especially helpful when tracking a patient’s progress. Whenever they pass a challenge and move on to the next level, it can indicate that a condition is improving.

These are just a few mobile games that are designed for people with dementia. There are a multitude of games available on iTunes and Google Play that are not only fun and interactive, but also helpful enough to help improve and track a patient’s progress.

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