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New Health Care Course for Health Care Workers

January 25, 2016 0 Comments

A short while back the Certificate III in Aged Care was replaced with a new health care course. It is is the Certificate III in Individual Support.

Disability Care

Rewarding Studies through the Cert III in Individual Support

The exciting thing about this health care qualification is that it covers a wide spectrum of health care study, replacing the:

  • Certificate III in Aged Care
  • Certificate III in Home and Community Care
  • Certificate III in Disability

The decision to create a concise health care course to cover the qualification of these niches within the health care sector was made by the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (CS&HISC). They made their decision after reviewing the qualifications and seeing the entry level qualifications for aged care change. This change also reflects a recognition of common skillsets that exist across the board, and enables health care workers to move between the sectors.

While studying to achieve Certificate III in Individual Support you will complete general core subjects, and can then choose to specialise in up to two areas:

  • Aged Care
  • Home and Community Care, or
  • Disability Care

So while a student of the Certificate III in Individual Support gains the core skills that exist across the areas, they still have the opportunity to specialise in the sector(s) that they wish to gain work placement in. The exciting thing for you when taking part in these studies is that having skills in more than one sector makes you more attractive to employers within the health care setting.

To find out more about how to gain your Certificate III in Individual Support simply contact us on 1300 790 460.

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Susan Stephens is the Managing Director and driving force behind Back to Basics Care. She is dedicated to providing quality learning and development opportunities to the Health Care Industry, and bringing you current and useful information applicable to the sector.

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