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Recognised Program Required for Licence Queensland Site Supervisor – Low Rise

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This course has been written for (and is approved by the QBCC as the eductaion requirement for) the Queensland Site Supervisors Licence - Low Rise.

To be eligible for the Queensland Site Supervisor License – Low Rise, you must have completed a suitable technical qualification or complete this recognised program which covers the required competencies set down by the QBCC. More information on the scope of works and requirements for this course can be found on the Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s (QBCC) website.

We’ve compiled some Frequently Asked Questions below on the Low Rise Supervisor Licence.

What does the site supervisor licence allow?
The supervisor licence well let an employee or officer of a licensed contractor to supervise building work under the contractor’s licence. The site supervisor licences are not available for fire protection, occupational, design, or project management services licence classes.

How do I apply once I have completed my course?
Very easy, you will be required to fill out the Site Supervisor licence application form (PDF) don’t forget to include a copy of relevant technical qualification and the application fee. All this is done over at the QBCC website, QBCC are the organisation who issue the Queensland Site Supervisor – Low Rise licence

Are there fees to apply for the licence?
To view the fees and further information on your licence click here

How to lodge your application

Easily lodge the completed form with the any of the suggested supporting documents and correct application fee:

  • Post, to GPO Box 5099, Brisbane QLD 4001 (Unless stated or requested, we only require copies of original documents)
  • in person at your nearest QBCC office.

Applicants remain subject to other Government requirements with regard to relevant experience and other considerations at the discretion of the QBCC.

This qualification is prepared by clustering the 12 units into 4 Modules:

  1. Site Management
  2. Construction
  3. Quantities & Estimating
  4. Legal Requirements

The included units of competency are:

  • CPCCBC4009B – Apply legal requirements to the building and construction project
  • CPCCBC4002A – Manage OHS in the building and construction workplace
  • CPCCBC4004A – Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects
  • CPCCBC4007A – Plan building or construction work
  • CPCCBC4008B – Conduct on-site supervision of the building and construction projects
  • CPCCBC4018A – Apply site surveys and setout procedures to building and construction projects
  • CPCCBC4012B – Read and interpret plans and specifications
  • CPCCBC4001A – Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for low rise building projects
  • CPCCBC4010B – Apply structural principles to residential low rise constructions
  • CPCCBC4011B – Apply structural principles to commercial low rise constructions
  • BSBPMG415 – Apply project risk management techniques

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  • Course Code: QLD SS LR
  • Course Type: Recognised Program Required for Licence
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Number of Units: 12 Compulsory

*This course is a nationally recognised training course

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