Our Difference

Our learning delivery strategy is via distance learning

Here at Back to Basics we deliver our courses in a format in which we cluster Units of Competency in content relevant groups, this way students are able to attain learning outcomes of several units in a single module. This format has been designed and refined over the last 23 years, to help students focus on a subject matter and understand the necessary fundamentals in order to complete their qualification.

Back to Basics courses are designed so you are able to learn at your own pace via distance learning. We cater for new students, people who have not been in formal study for a long period of time and those who have jobs or certain lifestyle requirements such as family commitments. As you are not required to be physically present in a classroom, this enables you the freedom to study when you want from any device, anywhere in the world!

Our course fees are all inclusive, which provide you access to:

Success by Distance and Pacing Yourself

Back to Basics are the experts when it comes to Distance Learning and have many students who are successfully completing studies by this form of delivery. We encourage our students to learn at their own pace, many students have found this method of learning builds confidence and successful outcomes. For those who feel uncertain of their potential for successful distance study, Back to Basics offers proven programs.

Industry Experts

All of our industry experts are qualified presenters and also have up to date ‘hands on’ industry knowledge. They know all the ins and outs of your industry and are fully knowledgeable of the problems that can strike at the most inconvenient times. We encourage our students to keep in contact with our course presenters throughout your studies.

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No Hidden Fees

Enrolment Process

Get our enrolment form by emailing or calling us! Once enrolled, the first module will be sent to you along with information and contact numbers for the Student Support team. A Student Support Officer will give you a call to confirm you have received the module and answer any questions you may have regarding the learning material. The Student Support Officer will keep in contact with you on a regular basis to ensure you are staying on track with your study and the material provided.

Completion of Courses and Certificates

When you have successfully completed all the modules in your chosen course you will receive the full Qualification Certificate along with a Transcript of Academic Record. You are then able to present your qualification to your employer or add to your Curriculum Vitae.

Time Frames

We encourage students to have full commitment in achieving their chosen qualification. It should not be rushed. We will assist you in every way to complete your course successfully and in a suitable time frame. Due to the constant changes in the industry and our guarantee of up to date learning material, it is compulsory to complete your full course within the nominated timeframe. Talk to one of our student support officers about your study schedule and how we can assist you through the course.

Assessment Tasks

A short answer questionnaire is provided with each module. The questionnaire is set out in the same order the topics are presented in your module to help you work through the learning materials. Most courses have assessment tasks containing scenarios based on real life and industry situations. They are forwarded to Back to Basics and marked by an assessor. All the assignments are given a guarantee of confidentiality. As our courses are competency based training format, you are given every opportunity and assistance in the successful completion of your assessment. If an assessment is deemed Not Yet Competent, you are given the opportunity to re-submit the work with guidelines and comments from the assessor to assist you with the amended submission.